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Be Careful Google Is Halloweenifying Your Google Plus Photos

People always try to create new Halloween ideas to celebrate Halloween days by decorating outside of their home with lots of stuff, spend times to make spooky costumes and creating new Halloween zombie makeup ideas to looks more creepy and scary. This time Google helps to create something new and celebrate this Halloween festival with […]

How To Blog: 25 Blogging Tips For Beginners To Start A Blog

As you know there are many bloggers on the internet who live their life with their own passion. Many successful bloggers make famous globally also earning enough amount of money. But most of them quit and give up blogging career in short period. WHY? Why they can’t get success in blogging? Because unsuccessful bloggers avoiding […]

Google Doodle Celebrates Claude Debussy’s Claire De Lune 151th Birthday

Today when I visit Google home page I saw the beautiful romantic animated doodle with the awesome music play in the background that time I felt so pleasant and I believe that everyone who play that animation will definitely fall in love with it because Google celebrating the 151th birthday of the great famous French […]

Attractive Your WordPress Dashboard With Impressive Plugins

There is nothing wrong if I say, Almost everyone love wordpress platform and why not it’s really user friendly and it has plenty of plugin for almost everything and that makes us more easy to work on it. But I saw many bloggers who are really bored when they accessing their admin page cause the […]

Optimize Landing Pages For Better Ranking With Google Analytics

Being a blogger the most important is to understand that no matter what type of blog one run, it most known that most of the traffic hits very few of your pages. And if one doesn’t optimize those pages for conversions, he’ll absolutely regret it. Google Analytics is a tool which quickly reveals, there are […]

[Cheap Travel Agent] Discover How Google Flights Save Your Time And Money

Looking for the best travel with low cost air tickets then you need to try Google flights.  Planning for the trip to your destinations and you are not sure where you are going to end up with the destination then Google’s flight will help you. This Google’s flight give you broader search from the departure […]

Make New Blogging Strategies For Upcoming Updates

Thinking about your blog strategy for upcoming Google updates? There are lots of factor that will determine how successful your blog can be. It starts from determining post topics to scheduling frequency to back-end tools. It is essential to understand where to begin with, which all factors are the most important, what should be done […]

Android Apps For Fellow Bloggers To Make Blogging Life Easy

As a blogger one need to stay connected and updated regarding the latest trends in the blogosphere and inside once own niche. Blogging has always been about expressing oneself and sharing what you know on the Internet. For this purpose I’ve gathered top Android Apps for bloggers & I ensure that this list will help […]

Strategies To Increase Page Views On Your Blog

Image Credit Any advertisers checks most importantly the ‘page views’ or ‘impression’ when selling advertising spots on the blog the more page views means higher value advertising spots on your blog. While it is obvious that in order to increase the value of the ad spots one needs to increase the amount of traffic the […]

How To Find Successful Blogging Ideas

Blogging is a new and interactive platform on the digital space. It is very effective if the reader can understand what the blogger is trying to impress on. In today’s world with the innumerable options and topics to read on, how can one make his blog most interesting and get people to get hooked on. […]

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