There is nothing wrong if I say, Almost everyone love wordpress platform and why not it’s really user friendly and it has plenty of plugin for almost everything and that makes us more easy to work on it. But I saw many bloggers who are really bored when they accessing their admin page cause the default wordpress admin page really bored and that uninteresting dashboard wipe out our writing mood and you know guys, I completely agreed with it.

Wordpress Admin Page Plugins
WordPress Dashboard Plugins

So, What To Do Then?

There are many plugins on the internet to make your admin page more attractive but many bloggers still confusing which one is the best plugin to get admin page more attractive. I’ve found plenty of plugins related to this topic and very few plugins that I personally loved it which I’m going to share with you. I’m damn sure you will also going to love it. Be Patient, below I’m providing the Plugins name and their direct links with brief description so, you won’t get confused when choosing your perfect one and get those easily with single click.

1. Fluency Admin :

Fluency Admin Plugin For WordPress Dashboard
Fluency Admin Plugin

Fluency Admin is one of my most favorite plugin cause this plugin gives you access to customizing your login page and the most favorite thing which I liked it most that we can easily remove the default wordpress logo and can add own personal logo if you want.

Using this plugin surely you’ll feel like a boss whenever you access your admin page. Isn’t it cool?

2. Ozh’s Admin Drop Down Menu :

Ozh’s Admin Drop Down Menu For WordPress Dashboard
Ozh’s Admin Drop Down Menu
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I admit that I’m too lazy and cause of that I love this plugin so much. If you feel the same then why don’t you try it. This plugin surely save your time and with less effort you can get a amazing dashboard experience. Try it you’ll definitely falling love with it.

3. Adminimize :

Adminimize Plugin For WordPress Dashboard
Adminimize Plugin

Adminimize is the best plugin that gives you access of unnecessary items to hide from the wordpress backend. Full of access for Admin to activate or deactivate the menu and submenu too. Currently you can use Fresh and classic themes with the color settings.

4. Easy Admin Color Schemes :

Easy Admin Color Schemes Plugin For WP Dashboard
Easy Admin Color Schemes Plugin

This plugin allow users to easily customize the color of their wordpress blog dashboard. Make your dashboard with your favorite color and make a fresh mood every time by visiting your blog dashboard.

5. Qwerty Admin Panel Theme :

Qwerty Admin Panel Theme Plugin For WordPress Dashboard
Qwerty Admin Panel Theme

Best wordpress plugin that gives good-looking dashboard. This plugin allow for all users to their login screen stylish and attractive. This one also help you to remove default wordpress logo and allow you to add your own. Don’t believe me Try it you’ll surely love it.

6. My Brand :

My Brand Plugin For WP Dashboard
My Brand WordPress Plugin

Last but the not least My Brand wordpress plugin cause it’s simply best. Just install and activate this plugin in your blog and go to this plugin option page there you can change background image and color of your admin page. You can upload your personal website logo with the help of My Brand plugin. This plugin is very useful for those who actually handling multi-Author blogs.

Few Thoughts –

Getting addicted to visit your dashboard and playing with it on daily basis, I think this is the most interesting thing to learn more and more and getting familiar. I had lot of researched regarding this topic and believe me personally I used many plugins but finally I came with these which I shared with you. If you really love of one this then don’t wait active it on your blog, get rid of default dashboard and enjoy your blogging journey with new look.

Share your thoughts via comments and don’t forget to subscribe my blog. Happy Blogging!!

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