Recently facebook added the Ajax Based Theater Mode on Albums/Photos. Facebook Photo Theater Mode shows photos in new a style for photo viewers. This style includes ads at the bottom right hand side. The theater mode will be ON by default when photo viewers want to see photos on facebook and it cannot be turned off. If you observed the style then you will know the photo theater style is similar to the Flickr slideshow but there are many people who still prefer with the old style on facebook.
Facebook Photo Theater Mode

If you’re bored to view photos with this new style and you really want to ignore facebook theater mode then here are some few ways to disable this style.

Disable Facebook Photo Theater Mode:

1. Remove the Theater Mode Effect From URL – When you click on a photo on facebook. It will open a new page where you can see this theater mode effect in the address bar look for “&theater” you just need to delete this like below an image to view photos in old style.

Remove Theater Mode

2. Refresh The Facebook Page – This one is very simple trick. All you have to do is just hit F5 to refresh the facebook page. That’s it now you can see the photos in old style.

3. Firefox Add-Ons – Who use Firefox regularly add-ons will benefits for them. There is an add-on called Greasemonkey. Just install this add-on on the Firefox and then install the Userscript. Now you will not see the facebook theater mode while opening the Photos on Facebook.

4. Google Chrome Extension – If you’re using Google Chrome Browser then you just need to install Old FB Album Extension on your browser to disable the theater mode.

Hope this tip will help you a lot share your reviews via comments.

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