Girl Handling Tablet
Tablet is nothing but a mobile computer. It is a similar to a mobile phone but have more functions than smart phones. Technology is improving day by day, or we can say seconds by seconds. There are certain things which will make us think about the uses of technology. On one hand we prefer having big television like LED or Plasma for our entertainment, but on other hand when we think about computers, the smaller the size the better for us. Earlier we used to work on Desktops and then laptops and now we are using Tablets.

Tablets have a micro processor like a computer and touch keypad or digital pen. Some of the latest tablets come with a USB port which could be linked to a computer. The biggest benefit of tablets is that one could have easy access to internet. You can even check emails, read eBooks, watch videos, listen to music and it can even function as a phone. Here we have to thing whether Tablet is for entertainment or necessity of our life. I prefer to think it as a means of entertainment rather than a necessity. Though it gives you flexible options to check your mails and stay connected with friends through social networks on the go. The thing which we don’t care about is natural world. We are so active online that we don’t bother about the real world about us. Yes, I do agree that it is the need of the hour but overdoing it can and will do lots of harm.

Do You Think Tablet Is For Entertainment

So let’s continue about discussing Tablets by considering it as a means of entertainment. Like computers even tablet needs an operating system, Microsoft Windows and iOS are the leading operating systems for desktop and laptop computers. In case of tablets there are many operating systems like Google Android, Microsoft Windows, Blackberry OS and many others. The sale of tablets depends upon various features like

1. Battery life.

2. GPS navigation functions

3. Phone functions like calling including video calling, instant messaging

4. Playing games which can be downloaded over the Internet directly into the tablets.

5. Playing music and video of high quality

6. Reading and editing electronic books, articles, etc

7. Video recording and photo capturing

8. Wireless browser functions using 2G,3G,4G or WiFi

Below I’ve mentioned advantages and disadvantages about owning a tablet over Laptop or Desktop :

Advantages :

1. One can use tablets anywhere and everywhere unlike laptops or desktops. You have an option to use the tablet even while walking or resting as Tablet could be handled with one hand too.

2. Tablets weigh less than laptops /desktops, so carrying around tablet and working on the same are very easy

3. Accelerometer, a function which detect the physical movement of tablets and automatically fix the orientation as and how it is moved.

4. Easy to use and navigate along with longer battery life makes Tablet score over laptops and Desktops.

Disadvantages :

Speed: Though it gives you the option of flexibility but to type in anything into the Tablet, the virtual keyboard available is very cramped. So naturally typing fast is always a hindrance.

Comfort: You can’t hold the tablet for long hours in your hand, so working continuously becomes difficult.
Damage: Since we can carry our Tablets to all places, the risk of getting it damaged also increases. Unlike laptop and Desktop, the risk of damage is more in Tablets.

Video resolution: As I mentioned before, we prefer wide screen for television so watching Videos on the Tablet doesn’t give you a proper viewing experience when compared to laptop and desktop.
Space: You can install many number of application into your laptop and desktop but in case of Tablet you can’t install applications coz of less space.

So considering all features about Tablets, we can easily conclude that Tablet is better to use as an entertain mode rather than to be used as Laptops.

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