Facebook has again changed their photo view. The theater view gone and the latest design is similar to Google Plus. For facebook users the latest photo viewer shows the user comment and ads on the right side I mean next to the image.

About latest facebook photo viewer I like the new design and there are many people reviewed the same, but still some facebook users really need the old classic layout of facebook photo viewer. For those, no need to worry about. Now you can easily see the photos with your old classic layout. All you need to do is just follow these steps.

Facebook Photo Viewer

Facebook Photo Viewer – Switch Old Classic Layout :

1. Go to your photo album then while viewing your favorite photos press F5. This will reload your current page and you’ll automatically get your favorite classic photo viewer.

2. Another step is click on the photo it will open with latest layout. Just go address bar and remove the string &theater from the photo url and hit enter.

Example :

Original URL


After Remove &theater


3. The easiest way is hold the Ctrl key while clicking on your favorite photo and it will automatically open a new tab on your browser and you will able to see the old classic photo viewer.

Thank you for your support and hope this tip will help you a lot to get rid from Facebook Photo Viewer. Share your reviews via comments.

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