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Firefox 4.0 Now Available For Download

Firefox 4.0 is now live and available for download for Firefox users. Officially announced on Match 22nd, 2011 as originally planned. Firefox 4.0 is easier for all users to make synchronize the content and manage add-ons and tabs.

This 4.0 Firefox specially designed by to play with CSS3, HTML5, WebM, SVG and others.

Firefox 4 Available For Download

Firefox 4.0 Has Following Features :

1. Tab Browsing

2. Better Support For Flash

3. Changed Innovative GUI

4. Enhanced The Hardware Acceleration

5. Pop Up control Attribute

Watch the video to know more about What’s New In Firefox 4.0:

Download Firefox 4.0 :

1. Windows (FTP) | Windows (HTTP)

2. Linux (x64, x86)

3. Mac OS X (FTP) | Mac OS X (HTTP)

Hope this tip will help you a lot. Share your reviews via comments.

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  1. Himanshu says:

    The ff is really awesome but most of my plugins are not working which is a downer.

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