I can say with a guarantee that everyone uses Facebook platform these days on daily basis. Teenagers uses this platform for chatting with friends uploading photos and all that also most of the marketers are using this for advertising their products. But sometimes it can be irritating when a chat window popup from a person you really want to ignore. But till date there is no any option to appear as invisible in facebook chat. If you have completely blocked that person then you can’t see his/her online chat status.

Do not worry any more, there is a way to appear invisible on facebook chat and also you can see their chat status. Now I’m going to guide you step by step that how to appear invisible on facebook chat.

How to be appear invisible on facebook to certain people :

1. Log in with your Facebook Account.

2. Install Appear Invisible On Facebook application into your facebook account.

3. Now open the facebook chat window on the bottom right hand corner of the window. You can see chat window like this

How To Appear Offline On Facebook

4. Now click on the option button and go offline.

5. The final step is to go to the application page again that you installed and you can see the online friends and their chat status too.

Appear Invisible On Facebook

Hope this tips will help you a lot. Share your reviews via comments.

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