Hello friends, extremely sorry for couldn’t update my post from last month because I was lit busy but now I’ll going to update my blog on daily basis. So, you’ll get some extra ordinary tips. Any ways, let’s talk about some new strategies in 2012.

3 months before one of my friend made a blog with great design and it has lots of quality content. After some days he started to build backlinks for their blog. He just had blast. But within 2 months he got deindexed from Google. Everyone knows that these days Google is very strict with everything that’s why we have to be very careful before planning to build backlinks for our website or blog. Here are some new 2012 strategies to increase traffic and get quality backlinks.

Increase Traffic To Your Blog

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Daily Posting

Find out what people actually looking for and try to update unique and informative article on your blog. Before posting any article make a strong keywords list doing keyword research. And use those keywords in your article which helps you to get more quality traffic to your blog. Keep in mind that Informative and valuable content always on top. So, always try to do your quality work.

Article Submission

After Updating you’re content on blog make sure to create one more unique article related to your post and submit it in top article submission websites and create a hyperlink to your targeted keyword. This is how you can rank on that targeted keyword very soon and you’ll get traffic to your blog.

Join Yahoo Answers

Create your account in yahoo and answer people questions related to your topic and leave your website URL as a source. Yahoo Answers not allow giving a website link before you rich at level 2. So, choose as a best answer by other people as much as you can and increase your level.

Forum Posting

Find some relevant forum related on your topic and add your website link in signature box start commenting in forum. Give them suggestion and keep posting valuable content in forum; if people satisfied with your suggestion then they may visit your website. This is how you can increase your quality traffic to blog.

Add Sitemap

Add sitemap both XML/HTML sitemap to your website/blog xml sitemap helps to read all your pages by Google and index them in search result. And HTML sitemap helps to visitors to quickly find specific page on your website. This is how you can increase traffic as well as helps to decrease bounce rate of your website or blog.

Social Networking Sites

Keep active your Social Networking sites like Facebook Pages, Twitter etc. keep sharing your interesting stuff or your post information on daily basis. So, people can follow your interesting stuff and may visit your blog/website.

SEO Basic

Do perfect On-Page Optimization on your blog or website and make your website strong. Search some basic techniques and apply it on your site.

Directory Submission

Find some directory submission sites you will get it from here Directory Critic. Find it proper category and sub-category and submit your website or blog including your site details such as Meta Description, Title and Keywords. You’ll get backlink soon when directory editor approved your site.
There are many ways you can apply on your sites including :

Social Bookmarking

Classified Submission

Press Release Submission

Guest Posting

Profile Creation

On-Page Optimization and Proper Keyword Research.

Hope these tips and strategies will help you a lot to build quality traffic to your site. There are many common factors I’ve posted here but they are very important for increasing traffic.

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