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How To Find Successful Blogging Ideas

Blogging is a new and interactive platform on the digital space. It is very effective if the reader can understand what the blogger is trying to impress on. In today’s world with the innumerable options and topics to read on, how can one make his blog most interesting and get people to get hooked on. Following are few tips that one can follow to write a successful blog.

Thinking Girl


A blog needs to be simple to be successful. That doesn’t mean short, dumbed-down or packaged in catchy lines. The key to writing is simply finding the core of the idea. You want to strip away all of the excess information that distracts from the main goal. It’s really important that you decide what you need to ignore. Readers have limited attention with a wide array of material available. They’re bombarded with all types of messages and alerts. So focus on choosing the “main idea”.

Design Must Be Appropriate With Your Theme

Setting up your blog properly in the beginning is important, because if you start right you will definitely be on the correct path to end it right. The readers are of utmost importance so keep them in mind before starting. Some people complicate the design of their blog because they get influenced by the designs of other maybe popular blogs but use other blogs as your inspiration, but don’t merely copy it as your idea is as unique as you can put it across. Make sure when you design your blog, you create a pleasing user experience for your reader.


Create an emotional bonding with your reader people will only buy something if they trust it and spread the word about something only if they connect with it. You want your idea to connect on an emotional level with people to make it a success. Talk about your audience’s problems and issues when blogging so they get hooked onto it and relate to it. You’re not just selling; but you’re educating.


The stickiness of an idea is of utmost importance, many leave halfway of reading because the content is not keeping them involved it needs to be like a story. This will engage and bring in the stickiness. When you wrap a compelling idea in narrative, it takes on a life of its own. Stories have been used for centuries to pass down ideas and legacies and it has worked wonderfully. The framework of a story helps people remember how the information is organized. Therefore people remember and talk about it. The blog sells.


A story with a twist is the fun and has great recall, it starts innocently it ends with a surprising twist that’s what makes the story so powerful it’s how unexpectedly it ends. Most ideas won’t have such a colorful ending.


An idea to be believable needs credibility. Common factors include relevant credentials, intensive research and citing other experts. Social proof works great as a powerful motivator. Social proof happens when people believe on others opinions


An idea needs be concrete which makes the reader easy to remember, and easy to spread the word across. So the key is writing short sentences, using simple language and speaking concretely will make the reader enjoy and also remember the story

Make Your Articles Searchable

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines. The key is using proper tags. Donot make the mistake of not tagging the articles with keywords appropriate with the blog post. Some overdo it so find the correct balance. Apart from SEO the blog will be successful if the content is rich; one needs to have good content to be a winner. If the content is good nobody will have any qualms talking about it and spreading the word about how good the blog is.

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  1. Rahul Mane says:

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful blogging ideas and tricks on which will be rewarded for blogger in the feature. As a Blogger one need focus on the particular subject. Understand the subject properly then start blogging. Remember that research is always better.

  2. Yash says:

    this is another best post Amol. My blog is not searchable blog in search engine, but your post help me to rid off this problem. Thanks for wonderful post.

  3. They are really cool blogging ideas. To generate topic ideas I prefer to visit Google alerts and popular blogging sites and check out the most popular posts over there.

  4. To get blogging ideas someone can use their blog posts comments, Google analytics. Yahoo answer and Quora can also generate blogging ideas.

  5. Khaja moin says:

    Stories can be the excellent way to increase readership.

    These ideas different from one blogger to other, it`s always helpful to share such awesome things.


  6. sangs says:

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful blogging ideas and wold like to implement it on my blogs…

  7. Aditi Datta says:

    This do happens sometimes with many of the bloggers that they failed to get some unique concept for their blog. Well, I like the blogging ideas that you have shared. Keeping your content easy, simple ans also scannable would definitely help your readers to get interest and also to go through it easily. Concrete and credible contents are also highly appreciable by your visitors. Thanks for the share!!

  8. Matt Hayden says:

    Writing stories about what you have learned is a great technique for several reasons. Firstly, as you say, they can be very compelling for the reader. Also they are easy to write, since you don’t have to do any research. All you have to do is think about experiences you’ve had recently and what these things taught you. Finally, you can be sure that what you are describing is valid. You’ve learned these things yourself, and know them to be true, after all.

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