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No.169, Binhe South Road, Luolong District, Luoyang City, Henan Province,China

Company Profile


Luoyang Ship Material Research Institute (LSMRI) has been in business for over 50 years and in fact was established in 1961 in Beijing, one year later moved to Dalian close to Bohai Sea and finally from 1971 onward relocated in the Chinese ancient capital Luoyang a city which has been the Nationwide capital for thirteen dynasties.

LSMRI, a subsidiary to China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), is a comprehensive institution engaged in the research, development and application of shipbuilding materials and can also be found listed in the directory of China defense industry.

During the glorious and stormy fifty years, LSMRI was developed into a comprehensive institute with twelve research laboratories, two research centers, one material research institute, four harbor testing stations and fifteen holding companies. Nowadays LSMRI have spread out branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Xiamen, Dongguan, Sanya and Hami; all with an innovative management system named as “One institute - Two managing system”, the LSMRI/Sunrui Group.

LSMRI possesses an area of 2.3 million square meters and holds first-class facilities for research, testing and production; not counting the several national key laboratories, the national technical centers and the national test and verify center of materials that are also all utilized accordingly for the purpose. LSMRI proudly hold a strong personnel team in the area of scientific research and development as well as in management and production, and has been approved to confer academic degree of master and doctor in the science of material and engineering, and run a highly equipped post-doctoral workstation. LSMRI has found its position in the top-ranking comprehensive research institutes of China.

During the glorious and impressive first fifty years LSMRI was engaged and has fulfilled a series of national defense key engineering projects as well as several national scientific and research developments, and obtained more than 900 scientific research achievements, and a strong research, testing and production skills on 50 specific fields especially in the production of critical and key parts, offered a great contribution to the development of China shipbuilding industry.

Since the reform and expansion in China LSMRI has been dedicated in the basic scientific research so developing new technologies for both the defense and the civilian industries, strengthening technology innovation, promoting transformation of science and technology achievements, and supporting applications of the high technology.

At present LSMRI has spread its products and service into five industrial sectors with more than twenty high-tech industrial products, products that live in the domestic and overseas markets.

LSMRI has been tilted as the “Top-fifty Enterprise with High Growing Rate” in Henan province, and has honored the “Henan Provincial Governor Quality Award” in 2011, the “Nomination of First China Quality Award” in 2013,and the “National Civilized Units” in 2015, as well as the remarkable economic benefit and social effectiveness.

Thru the effort of several generations and the three leap developments LSMRI was gradually developed into an advanced industrial group company integrated with the research and development capacity of science and technology so to become a leader in the domestic and worldwide market. The growth of LSMRI has shaped promising opportunities for future scientific and technical developments, opportunities based on all the present and past LSMRI achievements that have obtained many national honors and awards, and have been appraised high by our national leaders and our government departments.

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