Being a blogger the most important is to understand that no matter what type of blog one run, it most known that most of the traffic hits very few of your pages. And if one doesn’t optimize those pages for conversions, he’ll absolutely regret it.

Google Analytics is a tool which quickly reveals, there are a wide variety of reports through which one will be able to see what pages are getting the most traffic. One can get a detailed page listing all the top pages, and you can change it from listing.

Optimize Landing Pages For Better Ranking

The Reports Show Us A Bunch Of Useful Data :

• The number of pages that a user visits after landing on the early page. As the number increases, there is increase in engagement your landing page is promoting.

• The average length of time a reader stays on your website. This can be useful as a way of comparing page performance.

• The percentage of visitors that are new to website and have not previously visited the website.

• A lower bounce rate is generally the goal of any blogger. It is the percentage of users that visits on your landing page and leave your website without viewing any other pages.

With the help of Google Analytic one can compare how different web pages perform, choose what type of aim one would like to test and decides how much of the site’s traffic should be involved in your experiment.

As a business point of view, optimize the pages that get the most traffic to convert, you can potentially wring massive results out of them. A simple example, two of the most popular pages of websites, one will notice they look different than the rest of the blog. One should optimize them to convert visitors into new blogs or subscriptions, and it will generate good revenue.

At times, it doesn’t make sense to turn all of your popular articles into landing pages. Before one begins optimizing, one must first decide the main aim of each of the pages.

Understand The Importance Of Each Of The Pages

• One can add new content into your existing blog to promote products and services. Suppose one o the page receives a ton of traffic, it is best if you simply add another piece of content into the blog that ties that blog into one of your services.

• One can links towards the beginning of the post in all improve internal linking. A simple warning never over do it, instead simply add one or two links towards the commencement of the post to new or related content. A simple trick, write an intro to your work, it adds value to the blog and increases page view.

• Provide special incentive to existing readers for references. In all, giveaways a special Bonus download in exchange for an email address. When you have a page that gets thousands of views a month, it strength be worth it to create a special download for that page so you can convert traffic into loyal subscribers.

• It is important that you add relevant links which would sell. For example with this article if I have a link about WordPress tutorial in navigation bar. Visitors would take a look and one out of three might end up buying the product.

Hope all the above time saving tips will help you to optimize all your landing pages for better ranking with the help of Google Analytics. Thanks for reading and share your reviews via comments.

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