Recently, Facebook allowed third-party applications to access the home address and phone number of facebook users. So, each time facebook users use this third party application, the facebook notify you that the third party facebook application will access the personal information. Personal information includes your Name, Friend List and also you’re user id.

But this information not as much as enough for Third Party Facebook Applications so, Facebook decided that to access the more personal information like including your home address and the Phone number. Now Third party can access your personal data that means your personal information not any more private to them the sounds very bad since the data may be misused be Facebook Application Developers.

In fact the home address and the phone number this personal information is very worthy information. Third-Party Facebook application developers may be appeal to put up for sale it to another party which will may directly disturb to users for marketing with the users phone or with their Address.

After Facebook announced about the Third-Party Application, Facebook trying to convince to people means facebook users that this way is secure by temporary deactivation to access the home address and the phone number data.

Facebook said that, they already received and still receiving too many suggestion and also the feedbacks according with new facebook feature. And also said that after developing the new features will be more secure to facebook users to given that access the full control to choose which personal information can be access or which not.

After this, if you are use facebook platform regularly I suggest you that need to be very careful about your personal information such as your home address and your phone number. Before third-party would be access this. This suggestion is applicable for online marketers, who are working on Internet Marketing Field. Not only for Facebook.

Now I’m going to guide you step by step on how to remove Third-Party Application on Facebook.

No need to worry about this, it’s very simple to remove those third-party applications.

1. Log in your Facebook Account.

2. On the top right hand side in Account you have to click on Privacy Settings.

3. You can now “Edit your Settings” below the “Apps and Website”.

4. Now you can remove the Third-Party Applications by clicking “Remove unwanted and Spammy Apps”.

Hope this tip will help you a lot and now you’re able to secure your personal information from third-party apps.

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