Strategies To Increase Pageviews

Any advertisers checks most importantly the ‘page views’ or ‘impression’ when selling advertising spots on the blog the more page views means higher value advertising spots on your blog. While it is obvious that in order to increase the value of the ad spots one needs to increase the amount of traffic the blog receives, one can also do a number of quick and easy things to capitulate more page views from the existing traffic.

One of the most common complaints that as blogger I come across is the fact that no matter how hard they try, they can’t expand their blogs past 100 or page views. Those early days are really the hardest, because one needs to put hard work in without the assurance of achieving results.

If you are in similar situation, here is a simple strategy that will surely increase your blog traffic.

Blogging Ideas To Increase Pageviews

Content Quality :

The foremost thing one needs to focus on is writing high quality content. With the commencement of latest software architecture like WordPress sites, still Google relies on practice strategy, which is content writing, that too high quality. A unique visitor would then only visit the site and provide you a page view and recommend his friends about your content in so doing increasing page views for the blog. A broader appeal in the content which means more people will be interested in reading, resulting in more impressions.

Add References :

There are two types of references that one could add at the end of the article. By writing an article that will be harmonize another article in your blog, and provide that article as a cross reference. However, when you place an article from some other blog in the common interests, then you will be increasing the chances being referred by them, and readers of that articles will eventually start viewing your pages. Some of them might like your blog and be your regular readers.

Serial Posts

If you are writing serial posts, plan and write the series in proper intervals, as avowed, and you will find more viewers will become regular followers, and many of them will turn back to the older posts for reference, thus adding impression on older blogs and increasing impressions on new blog as well.

Image Source

If you are someone who can produce graphics, take photos, you should power that talent on your blog. By uploading and hosting one can create another traffic source for oneself via Image Search.

Regular Updates

Keep updating your blog every day. It is important that you change something-articles, design, or widgets, and keep testing. Another significant element that very much relies and impacts visitors is updates.

Regular Blog Comment

Networking is essential, particularly if you are just getting started. It is essential that you keep commenting on other site in your niche. Prior commenting was a great thing and was getting you great amount of page views. But due to latest update from Google called ‘Penguin update‘ where its strain on link building. As commenting lead to link building strategy, and Google only appreciates high quality link backs. So, commenting will also boost your page views.

Guest Blogging

Another tip to amplify page views and built position for your blog is that one start writing guest post and publish it on various other guest blogging enabled site.

And also as always recommended share your post or comments to various social media networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, as these collide more than any other source, in all it will lead to increase page view for your blog. It won’t have an immediate impact on page views, overall its medium process and one needs to work hard all the way to come to first page of Google search.

Hope all these tips will help out to increase your Blog Page Views. Share your queries or reviews via comments.

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