While researching I’ve noticed that facebook status can be updated via BlackBerry, iPhone or iPad without having anyone latest gadget. Sound really cool. So, I researched the way and found some interesting stuff. I’m sharing this cool stuff of updating facebook status via latest gadgets.

Here you can see my recently updated facebook status via BlackBerry. Well, I didn’t buy BlackBerry. But still I can update my facebook status via latest gadgets. Want to know how?

Updated Facebook Status via BlackBerry

The real trick is very simple. Actually, there are some new facebook applications I found it. You can see the latest facebook application below:

1. Status via BlackBerry

2. Status via BlackBerry Z10

3. Status via iPhone 4

4. Status via iPhone 5

5. Status Via iPad Mini

6. Status Via iPad 2

You just need to allow these facebook applications and then it will take you to a page from where you can update your facebook status via BlackBerry, iPhone or iPad. When you allow these facebook applications the page you will see like below an image.

Application of Facebook Status Update

If you scroll down the application page then you will find lots of other gadget applications. So, choose your best gadget application and update your facebook status.

Update Your Facebook Staus via

Now you got the trick. So, start updating your status via a unique or favorite gadget application and make a fool to your friends.
Hope you will enjoy this trick. Let me know your reviews via comments.

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