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Update Your Facebook Status Using Twitter

If you are twitter freak and want to know about how to update your facebook status using twitter then it’s really easy now, follow the step by step guidance how to update facebook status using twitter.

Update Your Facebook Status Using Twitter

1. You need to log in your Facebook account after go to the Twitter application page and click on the Go To App button which next to like.

2. Now the twitter application will ask you to allow twitter to post updates to your facebook profile or your facebook page. Click allow button.

3. Now go to twitter home page and login your account by entering your Twitter username and password.

4. When you enter into your own twitter account the screen will be look like below image.

Twitter Screen

Now, if you want to update your Facebook status using Twitter. Then you have to click on the “Allow Twitter To Update Your Facebook Status” button in the upper right hand side.

5. When you click on that button you will get a confirmation page like below image. You must click on the “Allow Status Updates” button.

6. After click “Allow Status Updates” button, next you will go to the twitter application. Twitter does nothing from here. Now go to your facebook home page, by clicking home button on the facebook Menubar.

You are done. Now whenever you tweet something on your twitter. Your facebook status will be automatically updates. In case if you don’t want some tweets update automatically to your facebook account then this Selective Twitter Facebook Application will give you the control to show selected tweets which will be triggered using the hashtag #fb.

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