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Attractive Your WordPress Dashboard With Impressive Plugins

There is nothing wrong if I say, Almost everyone love wordpress platform and why not it’s really user friendly and it has plenty of plugin for almost everything and that makes us more easy to work on it. But I saw many bloggers who are really bored when they accessing their admin page cause the […]

WordPress 3.1.4 Security Update Now Available

At morning I have seen the message on my wordpress dashboard saying that “WordPress 3.1.4 is available! Please Update Now”. WordPress 3.1.4 is available now and this wordpress 3.1.4 released with fixes an issue that could allow malicious editor level user to gain further access to the site. For security I’d recommend you to update […]

WordPress 3.1.3 Update Now Available

WordPress has released to updated version 3.1.3 now you can update your wordpress. Just login your wordpress account with username and password. In a dashboard you can see the message saying “WordPress 3.1.3 is available! Please Update Now”. All you need to do is just click on the Please update now link. These updates are […]

WordPress 3.1.1 Security Released Fixes Thirty Issues

WordPress has released to updated version 3.1.1 and security released fixes thirty issues in this new wordpress 3.1.1 version. This WordPress 3.1.1 version fixes three critical security issues : 1. The Cross Site Request Forgery means CSRF avoidance in the media uploader. 2. Avoids a PHP crash in certain environments when handling devilishly devised links […]

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